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Licensing opportunities and Patent Information

C and E Marketing Group is the exclusive agent to represent the licensing or transfer of the patent and trademark rights C and E Marketing Group strives

To develop mutually beneficial financial arrangements with manufactures and or Distributers. Currently we are seeking a licensing arrangement involving the patent to make, use, manufacture, market and distribute

the Necktie Knot Protector. Please contact David Sampy, President, C and E Marketing Group to discuss the rare and lucrative new product opportunity

Industry and Market Analysis

Neckties have been making a comeback for the last few years for a variety of reasons.

Many companies are reverting to a more stringent dress code after a decade of relaxed

“Corporate casual” sparked by the internet revolution while many workers are just enjoying a more polished look Guys are trying to do whatever they can to raise the job opportunity. Both young and experienced men are looking at dressing as a way to separate themselves from others. Male shoppers are getting more engaged in fashion and online shopping. Whereas a year ago 60 percent to 75 percent of our men’s purchases were being made by women, today that’s the opposite Consumers want clothes that’s new and exciting Neckties sales were up 8 percent which stores benefited from the increase in apparel



The primary target market for the Necktie Knot Protector is comprised of American men over the age of eighteen which is composed of 154.1 million men in America. Younger men are dressing up more than ever before many may be responding

To influences from the world of sports, Television, Media men now buy 75 percent of neckties sold compared with only 45 percent 10 years ago. Men’s are once again acknowledging that in today’s business environment, appearance’s really is everything.


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