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stanless steel gold necktie protectors

Necktie Knot Protectors


The Necktie Knot Protector will be primarily distributed in the united states and abroad through men’s clothing stores Discount mass Merchandisers and Department stores

The Necktie Knot Protector is suited for Direct Distribution through the Internet, Direct response television, celebrity endorsements and specialized magazines

A Large Distribution channel comprised of over 95,000 retail clothing outlets exist

There are over 40,000 general merchandise and Discount stores including 17,000 men’s clothing stores

Addionally there are numerous gift and specialty shops found in hotels,airports,and tourist destinations where we envision further substantial sales for the Necktie Knot protector

The Necktie Knot Protector means not having to struggle over getting the right look when tying a knot. The Knot can simply be covered over. Since any fabric tie can be used, the necktie Knot Protector offers a style and look to compliment any necktie.

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